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Need help recruiting staff in Vietnam?

Recruiting in Vietnam can be difficult. Where should you look? What salary and benefits should you offer? How will you position your company? And who will sort all the applicants?

Metasource’s recruitment services make it simple to find the staff you need. We clarify your requirements, manage the search process and deliver a relevant shortlist of candidates.


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Get The Right Staff For Your Business!


    We’re up to date on the local market and make sure you are too.


    Our senior advisers have run businesses and understand what you need.

  • Useless job advertisements


    Avoid wasting your money on the wrong listing services or costly headhunters.

Your Trusted Partner

Metasource specialize in the establishment and growth of companies in Vietnam. Our recruitment services are great value for development teams, consulting firms and trading companies.

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  • Proven track record
  • Deal directly with senior advisers