Our Approach

Metasource supports international companies to build websites, apps and other technology-based solutions. Right now, Metasource is building exciting projects and teams for clients in industries such as finance and trading, blockchain, digital marketing and ecommerce, property and real estate, HR and business, the sharing economy and others.

We’re actively seeking experienced professionals to be part of our teams in Vietnam. Metasource is a great opportunity for staff to work with companies around the world, showing their skills directly to CEOs and CTOs.

We highly focused on supporting our international projects so that they succeed over the long term. For our international clients, we’re not another outsourcing business looking for short-term windfalls; we want to help them build an effective team here in Vietnam. We love to see our clients fully focused on building great products and services… while we take care of the hassle.

Our History

Metasource emerged from Saigon Coworking, one of the longest running coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh City. Metasource has been set up to make market entry into Vietnam as quick and easy as possible. Vietnam is ideal for offshore software development teams and we’re looking to bring something new to the offshoring and outsourcing market in Asia.

We’re fascinated by the emerging tech and startup scene in Asia. We firmly believe that Asia has a role to play in almost anything you are trying to achieve in business. Vietnam in particular is “coming of age” and there has never been a better time to be here. Take advantage of our expertise to get over here and get started!

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