Who is Metasource suitable for?

Metasource offers a package of solutions that gets businesses started fast in Vietnam. The service is very popular for those building an offshore development team. You might be a tech entrepreneur in search of developers, or a digital agency seeking a mix of developers and other support roles. Other types of businesses also use our support.

I’m a digital agency looking to offshore, how can you help me?

Get in touch! We’ll find the staff you need here in Vietnam. We can help you with advice on registration and setup, and guidance on the mistakes others have made in attempting a similar move. We can support you to find office space and staff, and offer systems and structures to minimize the hassle of a new country’s administrative requirements. We know the traps and can help you to avoid them. We’re a trusted partner and we speak your language.

I’m an entrepreneur looking to offshore, how can this work for me?

Get in touch! We can help you with advice on making the move to Asia or how to most effectively start your operation. We can find you talent and space to work from. We can provide support to ensure you and your team remain focused on building a great product or service. Of course, your requirements are likely to be specific to you, so we’re very happy to discuss your project further to ensure you get the support you need.

Im an entrepreneur looking to live in Asia, how can this work for me?

Get in touch! Moving to Vietnam is a great way to stretch your development budget and have some fantastic experiences along the way. We can help you by providing all the information you need to make the decision a reality: residential costs, office locations, internet speeds, amenities.

We can finding you space and talent once you’re here. We can host your talent and minimise the distractions from building your product. We can also provide a supportive network for you to meet others and settle into the city.

Bootstrappers in particular will find Asia to offer some significant advantages due to lower costs of living and business.

What kinds of roles can be provided?

We can find candidates for most roles you will possibly need. Project Managers, developers (back end, front end, full stack), designers and other support staff are just the beginning. Roles vary from university graduates right through to senior roles. Reach out to us for more information on our hiring support.

Where are the staff?

Your staff are wherever you need them to be. Private offices, coworking spaces, working remotely: you have the choice! Of course, we can assist you to find space that meets your requirements. Our offices come equipped with everything you need to oversee your remote team.

What benefits and entitlements do members of my digital team receive?

Some entrepreneurs are tempted to pay their offshore talent cash for development work. This approach leaves the entrepreneur exposed to several risks, is hard to justify to investors, and often results in a team that is unsatisfied with their work conditions. Small problems can multiple quickly.

All talent provided by Metasource is registered with all relevant administrative departments and eligible for benefits such as paid leave, social insurance, retirement pension. Some clients choose to offer further benefits, including bonuses, private health insurance, company-issued equipment, regular performance and salary reviews, amongst other incentives.

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