You can start an offshore software development team in Vietnam very quickly.

Talented developers, designers and project managers from Vietnam can be added to your team to deliver the technology that you need. These teams can be assembled in many different structures, and work with various methodologies, including Agile.

Read on for more about offshore development teams!

Offshore Software Development Teams

Offshore development teams have become a very common feature of the global tech and IT sectors. Companies headquartered in places like Silicon Valley, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Copenhagen have sought to overcome talent shortages and high production costs by looking to places like Vietnam for affordable and available tech talent.

Teams of offshore developers can be used for many purposes:

  • Web development: teams for the development of web applications and web portals for e-commerce, sales, advertising, marketing. Experienced developers for WordPress (and other CMS platforms) and Magento (and other ecommerce platforms).
  • Application development: enterprise applications, mobile applications and web applications. Java, PHP, Python and other languages.
  • Front end development: great user experiences and strong performance from specialists in Javascript, Angular and React.
  • Mobile development: for native iPhone and Android mobile apps or the latest in React Native and Ionic development.
  • Product development: all tasks from the analysis of requirements, architecture, UI/UX design, development, QA / testing and deployment of custom software.
  • QA and testing: Testing is critical for functionality, performance, compliance, compatibility and interoperability. Teams of testers can be used to address a wide range of manual or automatic testing requirements.
  • Support and maintenance: Support and maintenance teams undertake system checks, fault resolution,  application of patches and updates, preventative maintenance or even migration of legacy systems.

Why Use Offshore Teams?

An offshore team can add value to your project or a company in many different ways:

  • Offshoring allows a company or a project to access a global pool of talent. You can also hire software developers much more quickly than the typical timeframes in the United States or other high-cost economies.
  • The difference in onshore and offshore labor costs can be considerable, delivering large savings to the company. Software development in an offshore location can be much more cost efficient.
  • Time zone differences may have a positive impact, for example, allowing work on a project around the clock.
  • Offshoring also opens up a project to a wider range of service providers.

Why Locate the Team in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a very popular destination for development teams.

There are six key reasons why Vietnam is so popular:


Vietnam is very stable in political, social and economic terms. Vietnam is governed by a single party and there is very little civil or religious unrest. Foreign investment levels are strong and the country is becoming more business-friendly each year as a result of focused attention since the economy opened over 30 years ago.

A Large Young Workforce

Vietnam’s population approaches 100m people, and more than half are under 30! The Vietnamese workforce is young and adaptable. The middle class is emerging in Vietnam and the youth are highly motivated to get ahead.

The tertiary education sector is also well developed in Vietnam. There are over 500 universities and junior colleges, and an increasing number of foreign universities are building campuses in the country. In total, over 15,000 students graduate each year, the majority in science disciplines.

Strong Literacy Rates and Higher Levels of English

Vietnam has a high literacy rate (97%) and English is taught widely in schools. English is seen as highly important for career advancement and many will study beyond school to improve their abilities. As a result, Vietnam leads Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China and Thailand in levels of English proficiency. The Vietnamese Government is making further efforts to strengthen the levels of English to achieve a better connection with other international economies.

An Established IT and Software Development Industry

IT is seen as a particularly attractive career in Vietnam. There are over 1,000 firms and 150,000 professionals in Vietnam’s IT industry. Vietnam has a broad and deep IT industry, with massive companies like FPT, VTC, VNG, alongside large companies like DIGI-TEXX, FujiNet, Global Cybersoft, IMT, KMS and TMA Solutions. Significant further growth of this industry is expected.

Great Value

The salaries of developers and other specialists in the software development industry in Vietnam are significantly lower than their peers in the United States, Singapore or Australia. Labor costs in Vietnam are also less expensive than China, Thailand, India and other emerging countries. For more detail, we’ve recently published a more detailed review of the salary costs for developers in Vietnam.

Supportive Working Culture

Vietnam has a strong culture of hard work. From the early days of school, parents push for academic results and students study long hours. Mathematics and science are seen as priorities. Technology is also very important. Despite previous conflict in Vietnam, the culture remains open to foreigners and work for international companies is seen as prestigious.

Software Developers and Engineers in Vietnam

There are many high quality software developers and software engineers in Vietnam. Depending on your specific needs, your offshore team might include product managers, project managers, developers, designers, testers and a range of support staff. They will support the full software development life cycle or simply the necessary parts.

We’ve built teams that deliver high quality offshore development services, with effective communication and strong technical capability at an affordable price. Teams often include:

Business Analysts and Project Managers

Our team members include project managers with many years of experience, a strong technical background and often qualifications in Agile and Scrum. With a moderate-sized team, the organisation and oversight provided by a specialist project manager can really pay dividends for your offshore development team. Our team members also include business analysts and product managers to shape and implement a product roadmap, manage stakeholders, prioritize features and schedule releases. These roles are critical to develop and implement product strategy. By working alongside a project manager, these roles can ensure the delivery of quality product from a large team of software engineers.

Software Developers and Software Engineers

Our teams include a range of developers and engineers that can program and test all manner of system-level software, including mobile / web / desktop applications, operating systems, database systems, embedded systems or others. Developers can be found with substantial expertise in Java, PHP, Python, C, C++, C#, Javascript, CSS and HTML, amongst other technologies like AWS, SQL and noSQL databases.

UI/UX Designers

Our team members include UI/UX designers that can ensure your product looks, feels and works like it should. Designers will take responsibility for the user experience, and typically have skills in graphic and web design, user interface design, art direction and information architecture, as a minimum.

Agile Expertise

There are a wide range of offshore software development teams that implement Agile software development principles, including Scrum and Kanban-based project management practices. These experts can implement user stories, backlogs, sprints, daily meetings, and retrospectives as required to drive the efficiency of your software development process.

Explore the Possibilities for Your Company or Project

There is a strong case to consider Vietnam for your own offshore development team, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to onshore development in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia or a variety of other high-cost countries.

Metasource Illustration - Offshore software development teams

We strongly believe in the case for building your own internal tech capabilities. We’ve also written a series of articles discussing the pros and cons of various structures for development teams:

  1. The Solo Full Stack Developer: solo full stack developers can be useful for smaller projects on tight budgets, where they are effectively guided and managed.
  2. A Small Development Team: small development teams of 4-5 allow specialisation and are the most common starting setup for tech startups.
  3. Agile Squads: Functional Squads of 6-8 are run according to Agile principles.

Metasource are specialists in international development teams and can give you practical advice to get your operations started quickly and effectively.

How can I Start My Own Team in Vietnam?

There are two paths to start your own offshore development centre. You might choose the traditional route of registering your own company. Alternatively, you might use an employer of record service.

Either way, you’ll need to:

  • Understand your project and be prepared to pitch it to potential team members.
  • Build your employee brand. Think about our employee value proposition and consider spending time in the local scene to promote your company or project.
  • Select your staff. Even using recruiters, you’ll need to make the final decision. Use sample assignments where possible and consider the use of referrals from your network or existing employees. Make the most of Vietnam’s 60 day probation period to decide if the talent you’ve selected is really the hire that you need.
  • Direct and manage your team, particularly in the early stages. Leadership, planning and oversight is critical for the success of an offshore software development team.