Remote teams have surged in popularity as tools for communication have improved and remote working has become increasingly popular. Read on for more about launching your own remote team in Vietnam.

What are Remote Teams?

Remote teams (alternatively referred to as virtual teams) work on shared goals but the members of the team don’t necessarily share a single location. The working locations of individual team members might be in a different building, a different city or even a different country and time zone.

Remote teams are united by a common purpose and typically work together via technology. In particular, email, Skype, Slack, JIRA and other technologies have made it much easier to effectively run remote teams.

The Benefits of Remote Teams

Distributed remote teams have huge potential. The potential advantages of a remote team in Vietnam include:

  • Break through talent shortages in a home market like Hong Kong, Singapore or others.
  • Reduce costs by using more affordable staff in an emerging economy.
  • Bring new perspectives to a project.
  • Establish a presence in an emerging market.
  • Enable longer working days or an asynchronous working style.
  • Reduce costs associated with staff in high-cost countries (such as office rental).

Many Types of Remote Teams

There is a wide variety of remote teams that are operating in Vietnam. Consider:

  • Cross-functional teams for growth projects.
  • Teams of software developers.
  • Teams of analysts and data scrapers.
  • Teams for social media management.
  • Teams for sales and business development.

These teams are typically directed and managed from clients based offshore, in locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong and others.

Leadership, Management and Communication

Teams that operate remotely have specific considerations. The selection of remote team members, the management of the remote team and communication within the remote team are all exceptionally important to the team’s success. The right tools are also vitally important to ensure the remote team can perform as expected.

There are many different types of remote teams! The right management style, decision making and communication processes will depend on the type of team and the specific team members in that group.

Building a Remote Team from Vietnamese Talent

Many entrepreneurs begin a remote team with freelancers. With the emergence of Fiverr and Upwork, its possible to assemble freelancers into a remote team with relative ease. However, the best talent rarely wants to work as freelancers, particularly in Vietnam: a reliance on freelancers can become a barrier for growing companies.

Teams that want to secure ongoing access to good talent located in Vietnam have found that they need to offer stable and secure opportunities. This presents a challenge for foreign entrepreneurs: how can they encourage focus and loyalty from their best remote talent, without being caught in the compliance requirements of the Vietnamese labour market?

Metasource is here to help companies make this jump. We help your company or project find, secure and engage with the best local talent for your remote team.