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    Start The Right Way

    Interested in expanding your business into Vietnam? Confidently extend your operations to one of ASEAN strongest economies with the help of our insights & resources and expert formation services.


    Employer of Record

    The perfect choice for cost centers. Having a dedicated team without any administrative hassles.

    • Build your operations without having to run an entity
    • No fixed costs and zero management time​
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Full compliance is ensured

    What’s Next?



    For businesses and individuals who wants to setup a legal entity in vietnam and generate revenues locally.

    • 100% Foreign-owned LLC
    • Joint Stock Company
    • Branch
    • Representative Office

    What’s Next?


    Through our experience in Vietnam, we understood and recognized the need for streamlined market entry and business operations. Establishing an entity in one of the world’s fastest growing economies brings a lot of potential for your business.

    Your trusted partner to scale your business in Vietnam

    Have another structure in-mind? We’ve got you covered.

    Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us and let our specialists help with choosing the best structure for your business. We can advise you on anything from capital requirements, foreign ownership, business fields requirements and more.


    Run Your Administration

    Our all-in-one back office service provides comprehensive accounting, HR, tax, and compliance solutions tailored to your needs.

    With our experienced team handling everything from bookkeeping to compliance, you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

    Get in touch today for hassle-free local administration.


    • Accounting & Tax
    • Payroll & HR Functions
    • Licensing and Legal
    • Working permits and Visas


    Find out more about us and how we can help your business be more efficient, enabling you get on with what  you do best.

    HR and Payroll

    HR & Payroll are hard. Let’s tackle it together.

    Setting up your HR the right way can help avoid fines and lawsuits down the line. We’ll give you the tools to help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations that affect your business.

    Find Your Talents

    At Metasource, we understand the importance of building a strong team to drive the success of your business. That's why we offer expert recruitment and HR advice to help you find the best talent in Vietnam, without taking your focus away from your core operations.

    Our team can help you navigate the local labour market, define salary ranges, screen applicants, and ensure that your operations meet all local labour standards.

    With our assistance, you can build a strong, talented team that will help your business thrive.

    • Recruitment
    • Immigration
    • Insurance

    Streamline Hiring and Get the Best Workers for Your Company.

    Finding suitable qualified talents requires special attention. With great local market knowledge and experience, our specialists are at the ready to find the best talent for your business.

    Visa, Resident Card and Working permits in Vietnam.

    If you are a professional seeking to work in Vietnam, or a Vietnamese business looking to hire foreign employees, our immigration team can help you obtain a work permit successfully.

    Add a layer of security to your team.

    To better protect employees from having to bear unexpected medical bills, we can provide cost-efficient insurances to cover local and foreigner staff. Check out what we can do for your team.


    Setup Your Office Space.

    Metasource has a network of plug-and-play office spaces ready for your team. These spaces are private and flexible, ideal for new teams. We can also arrange similar amenities in a range of recommended coworking spaces.

    • Dedicated Desk
    • Private Office
    • Virtual Office
    Not sure where to begin?

    Schedule a free 30-minute consultation on doing business in Vietnam.


    Advice For New And Growing Businesses

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    Vietnam: E-commerce and digital-based enterprise taxes guidelines

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    Vietnam: E-commerce and digital-based enterprise taxes guidelines

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