Recruitment and Head Hunting

Recruiting and headhunting top talent is essential for any business that wants to grow and succeed. 

At Metasource, we have built hundreds of successful teams for our clients across a range of industries. Our expertise in identifying and screening top talent ensures that we can provide our clients with the best candidates to meet their specific business needs.

With our expertise and efficient processes, our clients can trust us to deliver high-quality talent quickly and effectively.

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    Recruitment Process

    Whether you are a new company or an established one, the hiring and recruiting process is the most tiring. Hiring new ones for your company is complex, as your business's progress depends on your employees' performance. 

    Free Client consultation

    Before starting, it's key to discuss and define the profile, customer is looking for.

    Validate JD and Promote

    We'll craft an awesome job description and help you get the word out to potential candidates.

    Candidate Screening

    We'll search high and low to find the perfect candidates for you and carefully evaluate each one.

    Selection and Interviews

    We shortlist candidates, schedule and facilitate interviews so you can focus on meeting your potential new team members.

    Background Check

    We'll double-check references and run background checks to make sure each candidate is a good fit for your company.

    Negotiation and signature

    We'll help you making a job offer that is fair and attractive to the candidate, helping you to negotiate a great deal. We will then, facilitate signature.

    How Can Metasource Assist You?

    The recruitment process is complex, as finding the right person for the vacant position requires special attention and assessment.

    Metasource can help you build your dream team by taking care of the recruitment process for you. Our experienced team of recruiters will work closely with you to identify your needs, source candidates, and manage the entire hiring process. We use our extensive network and database to find the most suitable candidates and then screen them to ensure that only the best make it to the final stage.

    Not sure where to begin?

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    Why Metasource

    A talented person in the right job position can help your business flourish. Having qualified and suitable employees in your company is a valuable asset. However, finding a suitable one is one of the most challenging tasks that require lots of management, skills, and patience. Metasource, the recruitment Consultant In Vietnam, can be of great help as they have a team of professionals who know how to lead the process and help you find the perfect candidate for your job. What makes MetaSource the best recruitment and HR service agency is listed here;
    • Knowledge: We have expertise and knowledge in recruitment and HR services, enabling us to find you the best candidate for your company that benefits you in the long run.
    • Best customer service: We aim to provide you with the best experience working with us and have efficient customer service that breaks the barriers that hinder the hiring process.
    • Integrity: We comply with Vietnam's laws and regulations and ensure that all our practices remain within that boundary. All our services are transparent, without any hidden charges and policies.

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