Call Center Offshoring: 3 Night Shift Management Tips

Call Center Offshoring: 3 Night Shift Management Tips

Business process outsourcing (BPO) to Vietnam has become immensely popular, with call center services being one of the major processes being outsourced. Low labor costs, diverse IT talent, and strong English proficiency makes Vietnam an attractive destination for call center offshoring. Yet, the tolls of the night shift are still very present and numerous, often both psychological and physical. As managers, we want to ensure our agents are performing optimally. However, to do so requires that the stresses of the night shift are mitigated so call center agents can focus on their work. Below are three tips to implement today to help optimize your call center’s performance:

#1: Keep Call Center Offshoring Work Environment Brightly Lit

Managers should consider installing full spectrum lights in their call centers. The reason for doing so is to simulate daylight, so as to ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it is daytime. The body’s circadian rhythm regulates one’s sleep-wake cycles, and is highly dependent on light cues. Hence, a work environment that is brightly lit will give call center agents more energy, and therefore, increase their work performance.

#2: Minimize Call Center Shift Changes

Whenever possible, don’t ask agents to change between night and day shifts. Although it may appear fairer to give call center agents equal time at the night shift, it is not. In fact, this can be extremely disruptive to their physical health as their internal body clock is constantly shifting. Hence, managers delegate which call center agents are constantly on which shift, and keep it constant.

#3: Keep Agents Busy At All Times

Keeping agents busy is especially important during slow hours, as lethargy and sleepiness can creep in. Managers can involve their agents in the following tasks:

  • Team meetings: Besides scheduled meetings, managers can hold impromptu meetings during slow hours. Managers should not shy away from informal meetings, as these can build camaraderie amongst agents and improve manager-agent relations. Additionally, facilitate idea-sharing and brainstorming with team meetings. Since call center agents are the one conducting the calls, they will have the most insightful suggestions for improving performance. Not only will this result in more productive suggestions, agents will also feel more valued as employees.
  • Call Center eLearning: Provide agents with online resources to improve their skill set and widen their knowledge bank. Managers should ensure that these resources are easily accessible so agents can utilize them whenever possible.
  • Knowledge coaching: Give agents access to call center training agents to help improve their skills. Additionally, encourage agents to use slow hours to review online training and product materials.

Bonus Tip: Hire the Best Call Center Offshoring

It goes without saying that the better the talent, the better the performance. However, hiring the best can sometimes be difficult, especially in a foreign country. Determining what salary, relevant background experience, and additional variables to consider can be confusing. Hence, Metasource recommends foreign companies seek recruitment agencies in Vietnam if considering to hire talent in Vietnam.

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