CAAV proposes restarting int’l regular commercial flights in three stages

CAAV proposes restarting int’l regular commercial flights in three stages

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) presented the latest draft plan for restarting int’l commercial flights in three stages to the Ministry of Transport for approval on Friday.

The first stage

The first stage is set to begin this quarter, Vietnamese and foreigners from 15 countries and territories – China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, France, Germany, Russia, UK and Australia – will be able to enter Viet Nam without special permission, with immigration and health documents. According to the ministry, the selected countries/territories now have higher COVID-19 vaccination coverage than Viet Nam. People from such areas are allowed to enter Viet Nam with a “combo package” that covers all expenses including air fares, quarantine fees and COVID testing, or under a pilot programmer for foreign tourists to several localities in Viet Nam.

Under the ministry’s proposal, there will be four flights weekly each way, carrying about 12,000 passengers to Viet Nam per week.

Requirements for passengers:

  • Fully vaccinated passengers will have to take a 7-day health quarantine per the Ministry of Health’s guidance. They have to have a vaccination certificate or document proving that they recovered from the COVID-19 within the last six months, along with confirmation that they have paid for quarantine accommodation (hotel) and transport costs.
  • Passengers who have not been fully vaccinated will have to take a 14-day health quarantine. They will also have to show proof of payment for a registered quarantine facility.

The second stage

In the second tranche, starting from the second quarter, passengers with vaccine passports will not be required to take the centralized health quarantine.

Viet Nam currently accepts COVID-19 vaccine passports from 72 countries and territories, and is discussing the issue with 80 others. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US, the UK, Japan and Belarus now officially accepted Viet Nam’s vaccine passport.

Airlines will be allowed to resume international routes based on demand, offering seven return flights per week for each airline.

Passengers with vaccine passports must self-quarantine at their residency for three to seven days under the Ministry of Health’s guidance. Those without vaccine passports will still take a 14-day centralized quarantine.

The last stage

In the third phase starting from the third quarter of next year, regular commercial international flights will resume based on the development of COVID-19 and vaccination in Viet Nam and the world. Airlines will be allowed to decide flight routes and flight frequency themselves.

The Minister of Transport also asked the Government to decide on specific times for the implementation of each int’l regular commercial flights resumption phase.

Passengers need to furnish a certificate showing they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival or recovered from Covid-19 and must undergo seven-day quarantine at paid isolation facilities or 14 days for the unvaccinated.

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