Specialist Business Visa: Updated Requirements to enter Vietnam 2022

Specialist Business Visa: Updated Requirements to enter Vietnam 2021-2022

Vietnam is only accepting applications for Investment Visa and Specialist Business Visa under the current covid-19 mandate guidelines. The Specialist Business visa is aimed for experts working in specialized industries that contribute to the Vietnamese economy. This is an updated version for anyone planning to visit Vietnam in the fourth quarters of 2021 and 2022.

During these periods, there are severe limits that must be observed while applying for a visa. In this post, we’ll go through the specifics of the specialized business visa required to enter Vietnam.

Approval of the Specialist Business Visa

The Specialist Business Visa applicants must receive a sponsorship letter from their employer in Vietnam, and the letter must be approved by the government. 

Moreover, companies that wish to sponsor their workers must submit a request letter to the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) in the province where the individual would be residing after entering Vietnam. The letter should expressly request that the authorities authorize the worker/expert’s entry into the country and guide regarding the quarantine measures to be taken (at a hotel or the company’s facilities).

On a case-by-case basis, the firm must additionally coordinate specifics such as quarantine, medical surveillance, transit alternatives, and so on with the authorities.

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Eligibility to Submit a Sponsorship Letter

To be eligible to submit a sponsorship letter for a foreign expert/specialist employee, a Vietnamese company must possess the financial capacity to employ them, and commit to paying for their treatment in case the employee is infected with Covid-19.

However, if the sponsor company has a considerably low amount of capital, it is needed to provide a quarterly tax report as well as commercial agreements to demonstrate the company’s financial ability.

Companies must ensure that suitable specialists and foreigners are invited to do relevant jobs. Moreover, they must submit a written assurance that can be held completely accountable for the information provided, as well as to be responsible for arranging and firmly enforcing the COVID-19 prevention and control protocols before, during and after the entry.

Entry Requirements for Experts/Specialists in Vietnam

1. Age Limit 

The foreign expert/specialist must be at least 24 years old, but under the retirement age in Vietnam.

2. Qualifications 

Experts must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, as well as at least three years of experience in their respective job position/job assignment. Alternatively, they must demonstrate at least 5 years of experience as well as a practicing certificate relevant to the employment position to which they would be assigned in Vietnam.

Other types of foreign workers in Vietnamese companies, such as managers or “technical workers,” are also required to have experiences. For example, a technical worker must have at least 1 year of training or study certificates in a technical field and have worked for at least 3 years in his or her training field.

3. Required Documents:

Specialist Business Visa Required Documents

Validity of Specialist Business Visa

A Specialist Business Visa has a maximum validity period of 90 days. The validity of a business visa is determined by the foreigner’s employment duration, which is specified in the application by the sponsoring company. Expats must apply for a TRC (Temporary Residence Card) if they have to stay for more than 90 days.

The Overall Cost for Visa Application

The overall cost of the Business Visa Application depends on your needs and situation. We recommend scheduling an appointment with our immigration experts at Metasource and we will facilitate your entry into Vietnam. 

Aside from the Application Service fee, foreigners entering Vietnam as experts, investors, or skilled workers must book a round-trip ticket on a special flight. Moreover, fully vaccinated entrants are required to book and quarantine in a hotel for at least 7 days. Metasource will support the list of qualified hotels and their contact information.

How can Metasource help?

Applying for a specialist/expert visa in Vietnam can be a tedious task if you’re doing it alone. Having visa professionals, Metasource can save you a great deal of time as well as provide you with a hassle-free, comprehensive visa acquisition experience. Metasource also provides a wide spectrum of ancillary services related to company registration such as legal consultancy, license and other documents acquisition, tax and accounting, and HR services. 

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