Vietnam International Flights Update Mid-March 2022

Vietnam International Flights Update Mid-March 2022

Vietnam plans to fully open its borders to tourism on March 15, 2022. Let’s see how the Vietnam international flights work via this post.

When will Vietnam’s borders be opened to tourists?

This is likely the most often asked question about the reopening of the Vietnam border so far. This part will unprazel your question.

Vietnam is now opening its doors to:

  • Vietnamese citizens
  • Those with a valid Vietnam 5-year visa (consisting of overseas Vietnamese, spouse and child of a Vietnamese citizen or Overseas Vietnamese), temporary residence card, permanent residence card or visa
  • Experts, business managers and investors with a valid entry permit from the Vietnam Immigration Department
  • In case you are traveling from a third country, you are highly recommended to check the transit regulations to make sure your journey is hassle-free

The Vietnam’s Government Leaders, on February 16, 2022, agreed on the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam on fully reopening international tourism and lifting all travel restrictions from March 15.

3 bullet points to note when entering Vietnam

Accordingly, the restrictions imposed on Vietnam visa issuance, unilateral and bilateral visa exemption will be removed then.

To enter Vietnam then, the travelers must ensure to:

  • A passport of at least 6-month validity
  • A full-vaccination certificates with the 2nd dose administered within 6 months, or a certificate of being recovered from Covid within 6 months (for travelers aged from 12)
  • Certificate of Negative Covid-19 Test Result (test taken within 24 hours prior to Vietnam arrival in case of rapid test, or 72 hours in case of RT-PCR test)
  • Valid Vietnam entry paper (if required)
  • Install at least 01 app for health management as regulated by the Vietnam authorities
  • Have a health insurance (to cover Covid Treatment)

And upon arrival in Vietnam, they will be subject to the following regulations on Covid Test and health monitoring:

  • Those showing Covid symptoms would have to undergo a rapid Covid test when they land at the airport.
  • In other cases, they would spend one-day quarantine in their hotel or accommodation facility until they furnished a negative Covid test result (rapid test or RT-PCR test).
  • All would continue monitoring their health for 14 days as per the protocol of the Ministry of Health.

The Government leaders have assigned the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to assume the prime responsibility for:

  • Unifying contents and regulations on welcoming international tourists;
  • Finalizing and urgently announcing the plan to fully reopen Vietnam borders for tourism, providing detailed instructions for the units and localities to proactively implement such a plan.

In addition to this latest announcement on when Vietnam opens borders to tourism, Vietnam has officially lifted COVID-19 restrictions on international flights since March 15. All countries, except for China, have agreed to such a resumption.

However, actual flight frequency depends on regulations of the aviation authorities of the countries and the market demand.


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