Affordable Software Engineers in Vietnam

Affordable Software Engineers

It’s tough to find affordable software engineers in developed economies right now. Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Australia and Scandinavia are just some of the examples; here, because of talent shortages and high wages it is really difficult to build and maintain competitive digital products and services.

Affordable Software Engineers in Vietnam

In contrast, there is a large and growing pool of affordable software engineers in Vietnam, in addition to other key professions needed in software development. The list of professions includes:

  • Software Engineers that can program and test all manner of system-level software, including mobile / web / desktop applications, operating systems, database systems, embedded systems or others. Also, developers can be found with expertise in Java, PHP, Python, C, C++, C# and Javascript amongst other programming languages.
  • UI/UX designers that can ensure your product looks, feels and works like it should.┬áDesigners will take responsibility for the user experience, and typically have skills in graphic and web design, user interface design, art direction and information architecture, as a minimum.
  • Project managers have multiple years of experience, a strong technical background and often qualifications in Agile and Scrum. Also, with a moderate-sized team, the organisation and oversight provided by a specialist project manager can really pay dividends.
  • Product managers and business analysts to shape and implement a product roadmap, manage stakeholders, prioritize features and schedule releases. Furthermore, these roles are critical to develop and implement product strategy. By working alongside a project manager, these roles can ensure the delivery of quality product from a large team of software engineers.
  • Bookkeeping and Administrative Staff are vital to support your business and digital team. Vietnam is a great location for these roles due to the cost savings.

Remote Development Teams in Vietnam

Certainly, remote development teams of affordable software engineers can be established quickly with a minimum of hassle in Vietnam. We’ve published our tips here for starting your operations and building digital teams in Vietnam. Get in touch with Metasource to talk more about your requirements.

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