Coworking Spaces for Tech Teams in Saigon

Coworking Spaces Saigon Vietnem

The working location of your tech team can make a big difference to their satisfaction and even your company’s ability to attract talent. A good choice of location can help a tech team to be productive, work collaboratively, build personal relationships and minimize disruptions! Here, Metasource analyze the best coworking spaces in Saigon for technology teams.

Why Choose a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces have become a very attractive option for startups in South East Asia. Coworking spaces can provide access to great facilities for meetings, video conferences and brainstorming sessions. In Vietnam, a key benefit of a coworking space is the absence of the long-term commitment and requirement for a fit-out. These are common requirements for any office lease. Coworking spaces also allow you to avoid dealing with agents and landlords.

Which Coworking Space in Saigon?

So, what are the leading coworking spaces to consider for a tech team based in Saigon? At the minimum, you’ll need decent wifi connections and a private office for your team. We’ve looked at the options across the city and can, eventually, recommend these four.


Dreamplex has two large new multi-level coworking spaces in Saigon, one located in downtown District 1 and the other just north in Binh Thanh. Both facilities are modern and professional. Dreamplex offers various premium amenities, including Skype booths and various event spaces. Dreamplex hosts events regularly in these spaces.


CirCO is also a recently-launched chain of coworking spaces. Circo’s main facility has recently expanded to over 2,000 sqm, split over two floors of a tower in District 4. It’s modern and well-lit. This facility hosts events regularly. There is also a smaller third location in District 1. Teams who have booked a private office can access their space 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Saigon Coworking

Saigon Coworking was opened back in 2013 and continues to serve tech teams from a mid-sized office in the quiet streets of Phu Nhuan. Founded by partners as a startup looking to share office costs, it has now a long list of alumni coworkers. Saigon Coworking focuses on connecting tech teams to the services they need; it also helps foreign entrepreneurs get started in the city. Teams with private offices have 24/7 access to the facility.


Toong is Vietnam’s first national chain, with locations in Hanoi, Da Nang and Saigon. In Saigon, Toong has two coworking spaces.

The first is located in a large apartment complex in An Phu in District 2 . It’s a modern and intricately detailed space; a premium design that is great for companies looking for a showroom for potential clients or investors. In addition, a larger number of private offices are planned to be added in an extension to the next tower.

The second location opened in 2018 on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in District 1. It’s a large industrial space that is filling rapidly.

Need help to decide?

Metasource can provide you with practical advice to get started fast in Saigon. Reach out to us and lets talk!

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