Vietnam’s IT Industry is Thriving

Vietnam IT Industry

There are over 1,000 firms and 150,000 professionals in Vietnam’s IT industry. The country continues to grow as a preferred location for software development, particularly for teams of remote developers for entrepreneurs and tech companies.

Major Companies in Vietnam’s IT Industry

Many programmers work for the global giants Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel, all located in Vietnam. The country is also home to major technology players Samsung, LG and Canon. This is a clear endorsement of the value created by the youthful, moderate-wage, high-skill Vietnamese tech workforce.

Of course, Vietnam has its own home-grown technology giants; many of these companies are not household names in advanced economies (yet!). Some great examples include:

  • FPT: FPT is huge and diverse, with a presence in 19 countries and almost $2b USD in revenue. Its software division alone has over 3,000 employees in South East Asia, pursuing projects that include systems for public finance and banking, and the management of health, hospitality, infrastructure and payroll. Its outsourcing division has a further 3,800 employees.
  • VTC: is a large, integrated media company, with 1500 employees spanning telecommunications, online television, online games, mobile network content and e-learning. It has had significant success in the games sector, and is a major player in the growing mobile games segment. VTC also maintains a large user community.
  • VNG: Vinagame was initially focused on Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). It has been rebranded as VNG and diversified from software / applications into social networks, e-commerce and digital content. The company now numbers over 2,000 employees, with $100m in revenue solely from Vietnam.

Many More Companies in the Next Tier

The names above are just the tip of the iceberg that is Vietnam’s IT industry. Vinsasa (Vietnam Software and IT Service Association) recently announced a list of the leading tech firms in Vietnam, including large companies like DIGI-TEXX, FujiNet, Global Cybersoft, IMT, KMS and TMA Solutions.

The big players are impressive, but so are the smaller-scale success stories. Flappy Birds brought the Vietnamese mobile game industry into the spotlight; it topped the Itunes download charts in 2014 and making Dong Nguyen an internet millionaire. With more than 10 million downloads in one 24 hour period, it generate over $50,000 USD per day in advertising revenues.

The digital agency scene is equally remarkable. In particular, we’re big fans of:

  • Rice & Partners, one of the leaders in the emerging space for digital content. Their dynamic team covers the full production process from concept through to capture, production to distribution, but it’s their capabilities in advanced 3D modeling and animation that really highlights the technical skills available in Vietnam. Watching these guys in action is impressive; multi-talented and adaptable youth switching between technologies and production processes. The goal is to meet the expected pace of the digital age with their work.
  • Flow Solutions, specialists in digital business transformation.
  • Unbranded Creative, who do some great storytelling work as a smaller agency.

Software Development in Vietnam’s IT Industry

It’s this kind of industry depth and breadth that makes Vietnam such an attractive source of software developers. The talent is available at the right price, particularly for teams of small-to-moderate size. With all these large tech companies in Vietnam and a highly supportive education system, there is a steady pool of experienced talent to draw from.

The time is now to recruit the software developers you need from Vietnam. Whether your seeking to reduce the costs of an existing digital team located in a high-wage country, or seeking to stretch your business dollars further, Metasource can help you to find the digital talent you need here in Vietnam.

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