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Web developers salaries in Vietnam are a key consideration for companies looking at an offshore production centre or a remote team in this country. Planning and budgeting for the operation requires that executives build an accurate picture of salaries, expected benefits and taxes.

So, what are the typical salaries of a web development team in Vietnam? Here is our overview, based on data from Payscale, Glassdoor and several other recent salary surveys. We also keep a watchful eye on job listing sites.

An Introduction to Salaries in Vietnam

Salaries in Vietnam are usually discussed on a monthly basis, rather than an annual amount. Monthly salary ranges are provided and discussed below, presented in $USD to make it easier to compare. The Vietnamese Dong (VND) is generally stable and is devaluing slightly over the long term.

There can be a lot of variation within a particular profession, obviously. Senior employees can be significantly more expensive than junior candidates, and certain skill sets will attract a premium. The upper ranges presented here are apply to a minority of cases.

Finally, the tech industry is less “clear cut” than in the past. Almost every industry is now hiring developers as internal resources, and competition has intensified as a result.

Web Developers Salaries in Vietnam

Consider the following general guides for roles relating to web development:

  • Web developer salaries can range from $500 to $1400 USD per month. Web developers all have experience with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and there is a small variation depending on their proficiency with back end languages (PHP, Python, Java). Experienced candidates are typically about $1000 USD.
  • Back end developer salaries can range from $500 to $2000 USD per month. Backend developers tend to have deep experience in PHP, Python or Java. They may also have some front end skills. Experienced candidates are typically about $1300 USD.
  • Mobile developers have higher salaries, ranging from $1000 to $2000 USD per month. Experienced candidates are typically about $1300 USD.
  • UI / UX designers can range from $600 to $2,000 USD per month.

There can be wide variation in the expectations that accompany a particular salary. Higher salary tends to come with the expectations of longer hours, greater responsibilities and increased ability to add value to the company. Roles offering lower salaries may have to compromise on the requirements asked of the role or offer alternative benefits.

Other Costs for Web Developers

Health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance and, in some cases, trade unions fees are compulsory costs for an employer in Vietnam. The final figure may be influenced by salary packaging, deductions and caps (maximum contributions) that apply for health and social insurance; these obligations may add up to 23.5% to an employee’s base salary. A longer guide on payroll is here.

Some staff may expect that the employer will pay the agreed salary, and the employer’s compulsory tax and insurance obligations, plus the employee’s obligations for personal income tax and social insurance. Many IT professionals will remain focused on a net salary during negotiations, exposing employers to these additional costs. While negotiating on the basis of a gross salary is becoming more common, particularly in larger companies, make sure the negotiating position is clear with a potential staff member.

Expected Benefits for Web Developers

Some of the expected benefits within the industry are relatively small, such as lunch, flexible working hours or additional office amenities. Private health insurance can be appreciated and is relatively cost-effective. Other standard benefits include an annual company party and possibly a company trip (usually domestic but occasionally international). Training allowances are important for some roles.

Note that Web Developers expect a “13th month” bonus across the IT industry in Vietnam. This bonus is separate from any performance-based bonus and, in practical terms, is awarded to 90% of employees. Some companies extend this to a 14th month bonus. Profit-sharing or equity remains relatively rare in Vietnam at this stage.

See our longer guide to employee benefits here.

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